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About the Rockwell Family Association

The Rockwell Family Association, incorporated in 2018, is the legal successor of the Rockwell Family Foundation.  RFF was established in 1992 by Francis W. Rockwell of East Bloomfield, Michigan.  After his untimely passing, his cousin, Samuel F. Rockwell of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, kept things going until his passing in 2017.  The RFF Board of Directors decided to reorganize, with Ken Rockwell as President, and Carolyn K. Rockwell as vice-president and editor of the newsletter.  One reason for our taking on a new name is that there is another organization called the Rockwell Family Foundation, a charitable agency with which we had occasionally been confused.

Our Newsletter has been published continuously since 1992, and has included reports of genealogical research on the Rockwell family, features on individual Rockwells and businesses, landmarks, and places with the Rockwell name, and announcements of special events.  

As stated in our bylaws,  "The purposes of this organization are to promote and celebrate the Rockwell family in the United States, Canada, and the world, by means of genealogical research and historical study of the various Rockwell lineages, the publication of findings thereon, the sponsorship of DNA testing, and the hosting and support of meetings and educational programs related thereto. As used here, the Rockwell family centers on, but is not limited to, the lineages of five colonial patriarchs: William and John of Windsor, Connecticut; John of Stamford, Connecticut; Josiah of New London and Norwich, Connecticut; and Robert (a.k.a. Robert Rockhold) of Virginia and Maryland."

A major project pursued by the RFF starting in 2002 has been a DNA project, which RFA hopes to relaunch.

More information coming soon!

---Ken Rockwell

Salt Lake City, Utah

Contact me directly at:   kwrockwell@yahoo.com